The Super 73 can go between 20-30 miles, depending on the speed, incline of the street and terrain. It can go 20 miles at 27 mph on a flat surface, or more at lower speed. You can also get a second battery to extend you range to over 40 mi.
The battery takes 3-4 hours to charge. It does not have to be completely depleted to start charging. You can easily remove it from its rack on the frame, to charge it indoors, or in a more compact space. It comes with 2 keys so that you can lock it on the bike. The Lithium Ion battery is made from Panasonic cells, and has a one year warranty.
We plan on shipping the Super 73 on a rolling basis starting Fall 2016, you will be notified when we are ready to ship yours. It can take 8-12 weeks, depending on your location and order type. You'll be given a tracking number to follow the shipment. Batteries are going to be shipped separately, as they need to be specially handled.
80% of the parts on the bike are standard bicycle industry parts. The wheels, tires, tubes, chain, chainring, cogs, brakes, cables and pedals are all serviceable and replaceable at any bike shop. The rest of the bike, the electronics and frame, are modular or made of steel. The electronics are modular meaning you can remove any potentially broken piece and ship it easily to us in a small box. The frame is the least likely thing to break on it and that would be a major issue for any bike. So basically, if you get a flat or start to squeak, your local shop will have the tubes, chain or lubricant that you need. If something happens with our proprietary parts, you can unscrew them and mail them in a shoe box. The motor we use is a standard Bafang motor that comes with 1 year support and warranty. Most of the parts we use are pretty standard, e-Rad-Bafang motors do upgrade often, but you can easily replace it with their upgrades. Servicing can be done at any of e-Rad's dealers. Please contact http://www.lectriccycles.com/ for all warranty inquiries. Other types of parts and accessories (wheels, kickstand) can be replaced via our shop in the future. We stand behind the quality of our products. The Super 73 frame and fork (except battery, computer and motor components) comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, including wear of tires, hand grips, brake pads and scratches to the frame and/or seat. The warranty on the battery and motor, computer components is 1 year. This warranty is covered by the manufacturer. Servicing can be done at any of e-Rad's dealers. Please contact http://www.lectriccycles.com/ for all warranty inquiries. You can also check out our warranty and returns section.
Yes you can pedal on the bike without the motor on. There are 5 settings of riding, and you can assist with pedaling if you choose to or not.
The bike itself weighs 70 lbs Package is 48" x 24" x 13" and 80 lbs 122 cm x 61 cm x 33 cm and 36 kg