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*** Limited Edition "Rose Ave." Available Until August 18th ***


Q: How far does the Super 73 go? How long does the battery last?

A: The range of an electric bike depends on a few variables such as rider weight, the terrain surface and incline, and even wind. On the original 2016 Super 73, at 25-26 mph on normal road conditions, with fully inflated tires, the range is between 20 and 30 miles. Battery range below or above this level is normal and not cause for concern. In normal conditions, flat surfaces: 

Super 73 Scout: 20 miles
Super 73 "Rose Ave.": 40 miles
2016 Super 73 Original: 25-27 miles
2018 Super 73 Original: 35+ miles

Conditions that effect your battery's range:

  • Ambiant Temperature: Extreme cold and heat can affect the batteries capacity.
  • Total Number of Charge Cycles: As the battery ages, total capacity can decrease.
  • Wind: Riding into a strong headwind can decrease range.
  • Road Conditions: Excessively rough or hilly terrain requires the consumption of more power.
  • Load: Carrying extra weight on the bike or in a backpack will use more energy.
  • Operator Weight
  • Repeated Acceleration from a standing start.
  • Proper Gear Usage: Taking full advantage of the available gear will significantly increase range.
  • Poor Maintenance: Under inflated tires, misadjusted brakes, a dry or dirty chain, can decrease range.

Tips for Maximizing Range:

  • Charge the battery at room temperature (32-85 F)
  • Lithium Batteries have no chemical memory, and it is not necessary to discharge the battery completely for best performance. Charging a partially full battery will have no negative effects.
  • Maintain proper tire pressures and lube the chain regularly.
  • Operating temperatures between 40F-85F will significantly increase range.
  • Get your bike a regular tune up (every 6 months) at your local bike dealer.

Q: When will I get my bike? 

The Super 73 2018 model is scheduled to start shipping in October 1st 2017.

The Super 73 Scout models are estimated to start shipping early December 2017. We have allocated a lot of extra time to make sure they are ready in time, but we are not in control of every step of the manufacturing process and delivery of parts (batteries, motors, etc) so unforeseen delays may arise. 

Q: Can you ship overseas? 

A: Please have a look at our page on shipping internationally and import duties, taxes. We currently can ship the Super 73 Scout Europe to Europe. Please select that option when you select your product. 

Q: How does the Super 73 perform on hills? 

Super 73 2016 and 2018 models have no problem climbing high grade hills. If the weight is heavy and road is really steep, we recommend helping the motor by pedaling at the same time. 

The Super 73 Scout "Rose Ave." edition with 500 watt motor can climb hills, but requires pedaling. 

Q: How long does the battery take to charge?

A: The battery takes 3-4 hours to charge. It does not have to be completely depleted to start charging. You can easily remove it from its rack on the frame to charge it indoors or in a more compact space. It comes with 2 keys so that you can lock it on the bike. You can charge it in any regular wall outlet, like a cell phone (110-220V).

Q: Can I pedal and not use the throttle?

A: Yes. The Super73 Original and 2018 model have 6 riding modes. On Assist Level 0, only the throttle is activated. You can pedal the bike without assist. On Assist Level 1-5, pedaling with motor assist is activated, and the motor will kick in at various power. The throttle is also activated. The Scout models have 4 pedal assist modes. 

Q: How much does the Super 73' weigh and what are the dimensions?

The bike itself weighs 60-70 lbs. You can load it into a van or pick-up truck, even a Mini Cooper. The Super 73 Scout models weight about 50-55 lbs. 
The package for the 2016 Super 73 original and 2018 model is 61" x 36" x 15" and 96 lbs.