Still need more information or have questions about the Super 73 and ordering? Check out the frequently asked questions below. If you still need help, contact us here or start chatting!


After launching our Kickstarter campaign and getting fully funded end of June, we are currently in production and shipping product. Our bikes are made in California, assembled and shipped from our location in Tustin, CA.

Do you have any financing options to pay for the bike?
Yes, at checkout select Partial.ly payments button. This is available for US customers only. 

When will my order be shipped? 
We will be shipping the Super 73 on a rolling basis starting October 2016, you will be notified when we are ready to ship yours. You'll be given a tracking number to follow the shipment. 

Batteries are going to be shipped separately, as they need to be specially handled. 

What is the policy on repairs or warranty?
80% of the parts on the bike are standard bicycle industry parts. The wheels, tires, tubes, chain, chainring, cogs, brakes, cables and pedals are all serviceable and replaceable at any bike shop. The rest of the bike, the electronics and frame, are modular or made of steel. The electronics are modular meaning you can remove any potentially broken piece and ship it easily to us in a small box. The frame is the least likely thing to break on it and that would be a major issue for any bike.

So basically, if you get a flat or start to squeak, your local shop will have the tubes, chain or lubricant that you need. If something happens with our proprietary parts, you can unscrew them and mail them in a shoe box.

The motor we use is a standard Bafang motor that comes with 1 year support and warranty. Most of the parts we use are pretty standard, Bafang motors do upgrade often, but you can easily replace it with their upgrades. Other types of parts and accessories (wheels, kickstand) can be replaced via our shop in the future.

More information on our Return & Warranty here

Where do you ship?
The USA, Europe, Canada. Please note that you are responsible to use the e bike according to your local laws and we are not responsable for misuse. 
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What about import taxes and duty?
You are responsable for any costs related to the import of the Super 73'. Please find out what this means for your country. We charge for the bike and shipping to your location only. 

Bike Laws

The Super 73 is classified as a Type 3 E-bike. 

The motor has the ability to produce up to 1000 watts of power, but it doesn't mean it's actively used at that power all the time. Because of the gearing, we can set it so that it only produces 250 watts for example and limit the speed to 25km/h. 


"How well does the Super 73 handle hills? I live in SF and my commute involves two pretty big climbs. I'm wondering if the motor is powerful enough to get around here."
The Super 73 should have enough power to tackle the hills in a city like San Francisco. We had two of them up there over the summer and didn't have any trouble touring the city. We even tested them on one of the steeper streets off of Broadway.
The rear hub will come stock with a 22 tooth rear cog which is optimized for general riding. However, we can fit your bike with a 24 tooth cog which is optimized for hilly areas. Please mention this in the notes section of your order. 
Without getting too much into the engineering details, Lance Armstrong during the peak of his career averaged 400 Watts during the Tour De France and had 650 Watt peaks for 10 to 20 seconds duration during the mountain sections. Our mid drive motors are 1000 Watts, which should handle most hills when geared correctly.



How is the battery charged?
Just like your cell phone, in a regular wall unit. Plug it in, and it takes 3.5-4 hours to completely charge the battery if it's flat. Don't worry about over-charging, the controller will just stop when it doesn't need charging any more. 

Does the battery charger go up to 240 V so that I can use it in Europe?
The battery charger is 110-240V so it can be used internationally and does not require a converter. You just need the adapted wall plug per your country. We're working on seeing if we can get the proper cables per your country. 

Our batteries have Panasonic lithium ion cells and with that comes the support and testing for any major countries power standards. Our bike will ship with everything you need to safely charge it.

Does the battery charge when cycling? Is it regenerative?
No. Because regenerative braking can be quite expensive, and the bike is quite heavy, it only gives a 5% increase in battery life and therefore we decided it was not worth it.


Does the Super 73 come with a kickstand?

Do you have a design for mudguards?
We'll be looking into mudguards as accessories, we cannot say exactly when they will be available. 


Light Kit
    • We're working on getting you the best bike kit available that works well with the Super 73. It will be put back on our shop once we have more information. 
    • The light is permanently wired onto the bike. 


What diameter is the handlebar?
The handlebars have a 7/8" tube diameter.  


What about legal speed limits on the bike, can I restrict myself if I need to?
We can program the bikes to be set at a certain speed before we send it off to you. Please add it in the notes section of your order. 

Is there a minimum age to ride the Super 73'? 
In the USA, you need to be at least 16 years of age to ride the Super 73'. 

How much does the Super 73' weigh and what are the dimensions? 

The bike itself weighs 70 lbs
Package is 48" x 24" x 13" and 80 lbs
122 cm x 61 cm x 33 cm and 36 kg

Can you ship it in parts, as it saves in space (costs) and import taxes?
The Super 73 ships in one bike box. The bike itself weighs 76 lbs
Package is 48" x 24" x 13" and 80 lbs
122 cm x 61 cm x 33 cm and 36 kg