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Shipping Overseas & Certification


The Super 73 Scout EU/AU is certified under the European EN 15194 directive. At checkout, GST is applied, as well as shipping. The public price of includes the 5% import duty rate as well as import processing charges. Shipping is calculated with TNT Road Express including C level insurance. 

Select this model and enter your address to pre-order a Super 73 Scout to Australia. 


We love the fact that we are getting order requests from all over the world from people who love our Super 73. For the Super 73 Scout Europe, we made sure we could open up sales for countries in Europe and beyond, while complying with local regulations on electric bikes. In consideration of European bike laws, the Super 73 Scout Europe will be certified and tested for that purpose. 

Our Super 73 Scout Europe is classified as a "pedal assist e-bike", with pedal assistance (no throttle) up to 25 km/h and a maximum continuous rated power up to 250 W. Please select this option at checkout if you need shipment to Europe.

We will be conducting the testing in our factory for compliance to the European EN 15194 directive (EPAC – Electrically Power Assisted Cycles). 

    For more information on certification:

    Pricing, Import and duties

    Customers are responsible for payment of duties and VAT.

    The price on the product page includes the 6% import duty (ex: $995 + 6% = $1055). Country VAT is added at checkout. Customer is responsable for any other fees or duty incurred upon deliver. Shipping to EU is a flat rate of $300 per unit.

    HS code: 87119010 (electric bikes less than 250w / 25 km/h) 


    Shipping does not include any import duties (13%) or taxes. Fees will be paid upon receipt of product. 

    In all eight provinces, e-bikes are limited to 500 W output, and cannot travel faster than 32 km/h (20 mph) on motor power alone on level ground.


    Podemos enviar cualquier modelo a México. El I.V.A. del 16% se agrega a la caja. Los gastos de envío incluyen derechos de importación. We can ship any model to Mexico. Country tax of 16% is added at checkout. Shipping charges includes import duties.