B - Light Kit #2

B - Light Kit #2


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Update: Available to add on bike when back in stock mid-end of march.

Custom designed fully integrated lights with custom wiring harnessed into the controller. Purchase this with your order of a Super 73. Comes with: 

- 2 x headlights, activated from controller
- Reflective Rims, heavy duty & weather proof

The best way to be seen, without draining battery from your ride.  This double set of round retro designed lights has the perfect look to go with the Super 73, and is integrated with the controller system. Wired directly into the bike, you can activate the two front head lights through the display with the touch of a button. 

We selected heavy duty industrial grade reflective sticker material to place on the rims of the Super 73 for full visibility from all angles. 

Note: Typically, standard lights that are connected directly to a battery lead go on every time the bike is on, which is not what you necessarily want during the daytime. With our lights, save your battery life by turning lights on only when you need them. Integrated with the Super 73 display, you can select night mode for the brightest light and the display in night mode for the best ride. 

Specs: 6V, 0.5A
Material: Aluminium casing
Mount: Stainless steel
Lights are mounted and securely bolted onto frame.