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How often does a well-marketed product such as the Super 73® actually meet a consumer's expectations?  For once, my expectations have been exceeded.

Tom P

"This is a love machine" - Jamie Foxx’s the 73’s neo-minibike form that, for a child of the 1970s whose fondest desire in all the world was to own a Honda Z50 Mini Trail, elevates this new e-bike to bona fide object-of-lust status. With fat tyres and a chunky saddle, Lithium’s debut effort is simultaneously pugnacious and whimsical — exactly the virtues that made Honda’s minibike an icon.

Matthew Phenix, BBC Autos

This is the first means of transport in NYC in 2 or 3 years that has started to make inroads... competing with my Boosted boards as my favorite means of getting around. (...) The reason why I think this has brought bikes back into my life is just about how dynamic it is. (...) The fun factor is higher on this bike than maybe any other vehicle i've ridden in the city. - Casey Neistat